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Have you wondered how come people easily get that perfect winged eyeliner and you cant ? Well obviously first reason is practice and the second is what kind of eyeliner are you using. There are different types of eyeliner liquid, gel, eyeliner pencil, sketch pen eyeliner etc etc in the market. Its a tedious task to understand which one would work best for you. People tend to buy the wrong eyeliner and end up making a mess out of it. Obviously no one really has hours to get that perfect winged eyeliner when you have to rush for work. 

So today ill share my favorite and extremely easy everyday eye makeup look. You can do this makeup daily and it saves your time as well. It goes with all the attire and also makes your eyes look vibrant.


All you need is

1. Maybelline Colossal Sketch Liner

2. Maybelline Volume Express Mascara.

3. Eyeshadow that is in brown or nude shade. The one I am using is from Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette.


The everyday eye makeup look will be done in just three easy step.


Apply eyeshadow that is nude or brown in shade. This helps to give your eyes very natural base and makes your eyes look fresh. The one I have used is Sandalwood from Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. Keep it very light and spread evenly on your eyelids.




Next I am using the maybelline sketch pen eyeliner. Now if you want to apply eyeliner on daily basis I prefer using this because it has an angular flexible tip which glides easily to create that perfect winged eyeliner look. Start from the outer corners then fill in and at last give that winged stroke. I have shared a on my instagram so that you can understand well. 



The last thing is the mascara. I am using maybelline volume express mascara. Its waterproof and it gives voluminous eyelashes which is the best part about it.




And that’s it, your everyday eye makeup look in just three steps. This look is very simple and easy. You can prefer to wear it on formals, casuals or even party look if you don’t want to emphasize much on your eyes. I have shared a video you can checkout the same on my instagram account.


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