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The magic of winter has already begun. Time to get our leather jackets and winter clothes out of our closet. Winter is beautiful,winter is magic. But this beautiful winter also brings a threat to our skin.Our skin starts becoming dry and flaky, chapped lips, irritation and redness blah blah blah so many problems. So it becomes extremely necessary to give that little extra care to our skin in winter. Here I have mentioned few skin care tips that you can follow and let your skin enjoy the beauty of this magical winters as well. 

HYDRATE – I have always focused on this point that how necessary it is to hydrate your skin no matter if its summer or winter. Winter air is dry so its going to cause skin dryness. So it is extremely important to drink 8 glasses of water or any other liquid drinks like juices so that your skin is hydrated enough.

AVOID HOT WATER SHOWER– Its very tempting to go for hot showers or using hot water to wash your face but this thing will damage your skin the most. Hot water will drain out the moisture from your skin instantly making it dry and flaky. So always go for lukewarm water.

 AVOID FOAMING FACEWASH- Foaming facewashes tend to dry out your skin so in winters try to say NO to them. Go for episoft or cetaphil cleansing lotion.

 MOISTURIZE- Moisturizing your skin is extremely important in winter. But selecting the right moisturizer is even more important. If your skin type is dry I would suggest you buy bio oil and apply it on your skin. If its normal to oily go for moisturizers that are especially designed for dry skin during winters. I have recommended few products you can click on this link to buy them.

 AVOID EXFOLIATION– Skin becomes flaky in winter so you might feel like exfoliating to make it look supple. But exfoliating your skin during winters will dry out your skin even more. So exfoliate once or twice in two weeks. 

 MOISTURIZE YOUR LIPS- Winter can cause dry and chapped lips. Always keep lip balm handy and reapply it whenever you feel so. One more tip, apply lip balm or vaseline and let it absorb for few minutes before applying lipsticks. And avoid using liquid lipsticks regularly during winters, go for the glossy ones rather.

NIGHT CREAMS – Skin restores and repairs itself at night. So use night creams that will hydrate your skin and work on the wear and tear of your skin. Its extremely important especially during winters.

DIET- Avoid alcohol, it will dehydrate your body causing dry skin. Eat fruits, include green juices, protein in your diet. Workout a bit so that your blood circulation increases and toxins are thrown out giving you fresh glowing skin.

CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTS WISELY– Even if your skin is oily or you have acne don’t use harsh products on your skin during winters. It will dry your skin and cause even more breakouts, irritation and redness. 

       So yes take care about all of these things to let your skin enjoy this season and checkout this link where I have mentioned all the products that will work in your favor and are my favorites that will give you soft skin.

Happy Winter!!!

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