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It often happens that we like a style or a particular dressing sense of a person and then we buy the same outfits. But when we wear them it doesn’t look that good as it looked on the other person. And we wonder why ? The reason why it doesn’t look good on us is because thats a sense of styling of that particular individual . And when you are not well aware of your own style quotient it might end up making you feel uncomfortable. Obviously everyone likes following trends but then adding your unique style element to it will make it look even more glamorous.

You don’t need branded clothes or too many clothes and accessories to find out what your style statement is. In fact just few basic choices that you make at first place without giving a single thought and which make you feel well acquainted with your personality is what your signature style is.

If you are still confused or aren’t aware of your style statement here are few things which might help you in discovering it.


Segregate your clothes in three types- (a)The ones you wear the most and are comfortable in (b) the ones you wear sometimes (c) the ones you rarely wear.

The clothes that you wear the most will tell you what your style is. That is because as you feel comfortable in them you carry them pretty well as compared to others. You don’t become conscious about yourself in those clothes.


Every human being is different and so is his personality. You need to understand and accept your personality type, only then you can enhance it with your dressing. If you are a person who is very bold and outspoken try dark colours, if you like keeping it cute try chic fashion style, for indian fusion style give a try to boho look. The list is unending. So understand your personality and dress accordingly because in that way it can present your personality in the most amazing manner and it also gives your confidence a boost.


Once you realise what your signature style is, search for inspiration in that styling. Whatever you like, it can be vintage fashion, casual fashion, boho fashion you can always look for people who have similar fashion taste and see how they style their outfits and accessories for inspiration. Even the basic clothes that you have can be styled in any way that will suit your personality.


Styling is very subjective so keep looking for new ideas to glam up your look. Like styling up your boho outfits with boots or wearing casual sneakers with that elegant short dress. But always make sure it complements each other. So go ahead and never stop discovering the style that makes you unique.

Now that you know how to find your style statement, let me know what your style statement is?


Disha S <3

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