It often happens that we like a style or a particular dressing sense of a person and then we buy the same outfits. But when we wear them it doesn’t look that good as it looked on the other person. And we wonder why ? The reason why it doesn’t look good on us is because thats a sense of styling of that particular individual . And when you are not well aware of your own style quotient it might end up making you feel…Continue Reading “HOW TO FIND YOUR STYLE STATEMENT?”

“A GREAT HAIRSTYLE IS THE BEST ACCESSORY” Have you ever wondered why is your amazing dress looking incomplete despite of having everything in place? May be its the hairstyle. Hairstyles are something to invest your time in because they are going to make your overall look stand out in the crowd. So in this article I’ll be sharing with you all 5 different looks and the hairstyles that best suit them. 1. THE BOHO LOOK This look is sort of influenced by ethnic and hippie…Continue Reading “BEST HAIRSTYLES FOR 5 DIFFERENT LOOKS”

Buy less…Choose well…Make it last… If you have good basics in your wardrobe you will always have endless options. Many fashion stylists suggest that there should be either 5 or less than 5 things in any of your outfit to make it look attractive without overdoing it. So in this article I’ll be sharing with you 5 basic wardrobe essentials that every woman should have in her wardrobe to pull off any look. Whether its a party look, formal dress up, date look or college…Continue Reading “5 BASIC WARDROBE ESSENTIALS”

“GIVE A GIRL THE RIGHT SHOES, AND SHE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD.” – MARILYN MONROE Footwear just completes your attire . And so, picking the right kind of shoes or heels is very important as it can instantly enhance your look even when you hardly decide to glam up.But sometimes despite of having a variety of footwear options you still don’t find the right one for a particular outfit.The worst part is even if you shop a different footwear for each outfit you will still…Continue Reading “6 BEST FOOTWEAR PICKS”

HELLO PEOPLE… So as we had discussed earlier that this week Ill be sharing blogs about outfits and makeup, so here I am with a new post. Today Ill be sharing a look that is bold and sensuous. This look I had created long back for a party but the kind of response I had received for this makeup was amazing. Especially many of them loved the lipstick, so I thought let me just decode the look. The color of this outfit is the lightest…Continue Reading “WINE AND DINE….”

Hello People… How are you? Long time since I haven’t posted anything about fashion. So today Ill be sharing with you all a very formal and classy attire. Its inspired from Jennifer Winget’s character from Beyhadh that is Maya. She had the same outfit and makeup in Episode 39 of Beyhadh. I really loved that look of hers. So I thought why not create a look like that and share it with you all. So this look is very elegant, her makeup really subtle, a…Continue Reading “FORMALS – THE MAYA STYLE….”

So we all know that its the festival of the God of wisdom and intelligence. Ganesh Chaturthi has started and so all our plans as to which traditional look should we go for, what makeup would look great with it etc etc. Today ill share with you few looks that would be a perfect answer to all those doubts and makeup that would look great with it.   ALL TIME LOVE FOR ANARKALI DRESSES They are loved and preferred by everyone out there. It never…Continue Reading “TRADITIONAL OUTFIT IDEAS FOR GANESH CHATURTHI…”

DECODING THE LOOK!!! Hello people… Hope you are doing well. So today I’ll be introducing you with a new segment that is DECODING THE LOOK. Have you ever wondered there are heap of clothes in your wardrobe still you are so confused what to wear, how to mix and match , which look will suit the occasion, from where will you get these clothes blah blah blah… Decoding the segment is all about keys to your questions. I’ll be sharing a look and then we…Continue Reading “CASUAL LOOK- DENIM ON DENIM…”