Applying the right shade of lipstick can instantly add that glow on your face. However it is very necessary that you apply the lipstick properly. If done incorrectly it can look very messy. And especially when you are applying dark or matte lipsticks you need to be even more careful. So here are few steps that you should follow to apply lipstick flawlessly. 1. EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS Exfoliate your lips with honey and sugar mix to remove dead skin. This gives your lips a smooth…Continue Reading “HOW TO APPLY LIPSTICK FLAWLESSLY”

India is a land of festivals. There are many beautiful festivals that we wait for every year. Festival means family get together, spending a gala time,variety of foods,fun memories, selfies, family pictures and candid shots. During festivals we make sure to get into our traditional attire and embrace our culture.  So today I’ll be sharing with you a quick and easy raksha bandhan makeup look. Also makeup is a very subjective thing so you can add or change the shades according to your outfit. The…Continue Reading “RAKSHA BANDHAN MAKEUP”

HEY GUYS!! How are you? Today Ill be sharing with you all my makeup essentials that I generally use for everyday makeup look from my makeup bag. When it comes to everyday makeup look try to keep it as soft as possible because it will enhance your features and still look natural. So here is the list of all the things that I use for everyday makeup look from my makeup bag. Moisturizer. BB cream or CC cream. Eyebrow kit. Eyeliner. Mascara. Rouge. Lipstick. Compact…Continue Reading “WHAT’S IN MY MAKEUP BAG?”

HELLO EVERYONE… How are you? So I am back with my new blog. Many of you often ask me about the lipstick shades that I wear. So today Ill be sharing with you all three of my favourite lipstick shades and which makeup look suits the best with it to enhance your overall makeup according to different occasions.   1.DAYTIME MAKEUP LOOK       So the lipstick that I generally prefer if I have to go out with friends or for coffee or outings…Continue Reading “MY FAVOURITE LIPSTICK SHADES…”

HELLO PEOPLE… So as we had discussed earlier that this week Ill be sharing blogs about outfits and makeup, so here I am with a new post. Today Ill be sharing a look that is bold and sensuous. This look I had created long back for a party but the kind of response I had received for this makeup was amazing. Especially many of them loved the lipstick, so I thought let me just decode the look. The color of this outfit is the lightest…Continue Reading “WINE AND DINE….”

Hello People… How are you? Long time since I haven’t posted anything about fashion. So today Ill be sharing with you all a very formal and classy attire. Its inspired from Jennifer Winget’s character from Beyhadh that is Maya. She had the same outfit and makeup in Episode 39 of Beyhadh. I really loved that look of hers. So I thought why not create a look like that and share it with you all. So this look is very elegant, her makeup really subtle, a…Continue Reading “FORMALS – THE MAYA STYLE….”

Have you wondered how come people easily get that perfect winged eyeliner and you cant ? Well obviously first reason is practice and the second is what kind of eyeliner are you using. There are different types of eyeliner liquid, gel, eyeliner pencil, sketch pen eyeliner etc etc in the market. Its a tedious task to understand which one would work best for you. People tend to buy the wrong eyeliner and end up making a mess out of it. Obviously no one really has…Continue Reading “PERFECT EYELINER IN JUST ONE STROKE….”

HELLO PEOPLE… How is everything? Life, destiny, career, love???…… Oh how can I forget how are your eyebrows? Don’t tell me you just went to get your eyebrows done and she terribly spoiled your shape. Now your face looks completely horrible, you don’t feel like facing the mirror and all your mind is saturated with is plans to kill that beautician. Every girl has been through it once. Perfect eyebrows can literally make you look appealing, it enhances the features of your face and makes…Continue Reading “LET THEM SPEAK… EYEBROWS”

HELLO PEOPLE!! I am so overwhelmed with the kind of responses that you have given. Your responses and ideas will always be taken into consideration for the next topic which I’ll be uploading. Thanks for that active participation friends! Here goes today’s topic. How many of you don’t have time to pick up those brushes and get your makeup done on everyday basis? I assume many of us. The reason being our hectic life schedule. We barely get 9 hours sleep so that we can…Continue Reading “MATLABI! HOJA ZARA MATLABI…”

HELLO PEOPLE!! Glad to see you scrolling through my page. So ya this is my first post on my site POLARIS BLING. And nothing could be better than sharing with you all my little secrets regarding fashion. So today’s topic is about the most controversial thing that is LIPSTICK. Trust me people decide their perception about you based on lip color. Lipstick shades are always in limelight.For some people the same lip shade is classy and for some its loud for some its funky for…Continue Reading “LIFE IS SHORT, BUY THE LIPSTICK…”