If you have dry skin you know how difficult it is to deal with. Flaky skin, itching, redness and constant stretchy feeling of skin can be so annoying. It can also cause wrinkles at early age. So its very necessary to take appropriate care of your dry skin. Here are few skin care tips for dry skin. 1. HYDRATION The main reason for dry skin is dehydration. When your body isn’t hydrated enough it reflects on your skin. Make sure to drink as much water…Continue Reading “5 SKIN CARE TIPS FOR DRY SKIN”

INVEST IN YOUR HAIR, IT IS THE CROWN YOU NEVER TAKE OFF. And this saying is so true. Healthy hair makes your face look so good. It enhances your features and is also a sign of good health. But now a days due to changing weather and urban lifestyle its not possible for us to have healthy hair like our ancestors had. So here are 5 quick and easy tips that you should include in your lifestyle for healthy hair. 1. HOT OIL  Mix castor…Continue Reading “5 TIPS FOR HEALTHY HAIR”

We all have various skin issues due to different skin types. So when it comes to skin care routine we often get confused about  which one to try on our skin. Taking care of your skin indirectly is linked to taking care of your body. When your internal body system is healthy and cleansed it reflects on your skin. So here are 5 tips that you should include in your daily routine to get acne free skin. 1. HYGIENE  If you have an acne prone…Continue Reading “5 TIPS TO GET ACNE FREE SKIN”

Glowing skin is a sign of healthy body. When your internal body system is healthy and fit, it reflects on your skin. So taking care of your skin also means taking care of all the systems in your body.  Also before any occasion we all want our skin to glow. So here are five tips to get glowing skin in few days. Always remember if you want healthy body and skin you need to hydrate your body. Its the most crucial thing to do. Drink…Continue Reading “5 TIPS FOR GLOWING SKIN”

The magic of winter has already begun. Time to get our leather jackets and winter clothes out of our closet. Winter is beautiful,winter is magic. But this beautiful winter also brings a threat to our skin.Our skin starts becoming dry and flaky, chapped lips, irritation and redness blah blah blah so many problems. So it becomes extremely necessary to give that little extra care to our skin in winter. Here I have mentioned few skin care tips that you can follow and let your skin…Continue Reading “WINTER SKIN CARE TIPS”

Hairfall, dry hair, dullness all these are common problems which people are facing now a days. The main reason is lack of nourishment both externally and internally. Ancient people had long, thick hair because they received the right nutrients and care. So i’ll just share with you all a very simple hair care routine and few products that are extremely good for your hair if you are suffering from any of these problems.     HAIR CARE ROUTINE…. 1.OILING  This is very very important if…Continue Reading “GIVE YOUR HAIR THE CARE IT NEEDS…”

This is the last topic on easy breezy skin care routine. The first two that is Detoxifying and moisturizing we have already discussed. If you haven’t read it then please do take a look on the previous topics. Today we will discuss what all foods should we include in our diet to get healthy skin. Ill tell you few things that I follow on daily basis and it has shown amazing results on my skin.  WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO EAT THE RIGHT FOOD ?…Continue Reading “EASY BREEZY SKIN CARE ROUTINE… EATING THE RIGHT FOOD.”

Hope you have read the earlier blog post where we had discussed regarding the detoxification of our skin. If not just go and give it a check because this is the second part that is MOISTURIZING. Those three things were detoxifying, moisturizing and eating the right food. Now in today’s segment we will discuss moisturizing. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT…? Moisturizing your skin helps in keeping it hydrated, protected and restores the PH balance of your skin which is extremely important. As food is necessary for…Continue Reading “EASY BREEZY SKIN CARE ROUTINE… MOISTURIZING”

BREAKOUTS ..ACNE…TANNING..DULL SKIN…OPEN PORES…ETC ETC… We have accepted the fact that its a part of our life. We have a very hectic schedule and have no time to waste at all or may be we are too tired to follow such long beauty regimen process. We don’t really have the time to go to salon all the time to get our cleanup done.  But you can follow these three steps which ill be sharing with you all to keep your skin healthy. Its not necessary…Continue Reading “EASY BREEZY SKIN CARE ROUTINE… DETOXIFYING”

  HELLO PEOPLE…     Isn’t the weather changing very quickly now a days. Sometimes its raining cats and dogs and sometimes its sun sucking everything up. It is really unpredictable. And we have a pile of work to do and a hectic schedule which obviously we cant escape from. It becomes really difficult for normal people like us to take care of our skin. We don’t really have the time to pamper, detoxify and rejuvenate it.  So recently I came across these products from…Continue Reading “DERMA ESSENTIA REVIEW”